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Banana and milk cover to hydrate wavy hair

Mask fixings: - Banana. tablespoons of milk. Techniques for planning and use: - Mash the banana well and blend it in with the milk until a thick and homogeneous glue is acquired.

Apply the combination to dry hair and convey from roots to closes.

Apply a shower cap, cover your hair and leave on for 30 minutes. Wash your hair with tepid water and wash it with cleanser. Rehash this veil once every week to profoundly hydrate your hair. 9-Mask with aloe vera and sweet almond oil to hydrate wavy hair: Mask fixings: - 2 tablespoons Excellent aloe vera gel.

A spoonful of sweet almond oil.

A large portion of a glass of water. Instructions to plan and utilize: - Mix the aloe vera gel, sweet almond oil and water, until a smooth glue is acquired. Apply the cover to soggy hair and pass on to represent around 20 minutes. Wash your hair with tepid water and a gentle cleanser not surprisingly.

Rehash this veil double a month to profoundly hydrate your hair. Caution: Whenever you choose to utilize a veil with normal fixings on your hair, it is critical to check whether the fixings you are utilizing can cause an unfavorably susceptible response, so consistently do a sensitivity test by putting a portion of the regular cover on the scruff of the neck or interior Leave it on your arm for an hour and assuming you track down any redness or aggravation never utilize this veil on your hair.